Education and Skill Building

The Nalini Foundation provides educational opportunities to girls from underprivileged backgrounds. This includes offering vocational courses in areas such as beauty and wellness services, tailoring, and computer skills etc.

Sanitation and Menstrual Health

The foundation distributes sanitary pads to girls and women in the community, as well as promoting awareness of menstrual health and hygiene through workshops and educational programs

Health and Nutrition

The foundation conducts health and nutrition programs for slum girls and women to raise awareness of the importance of good health and nutrition.

Community Development

The foundation works towards improving the overall well-being of slum communities by organizing community events, promoting civic engagement, and advocating for better infrastructure and services.

Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency

The foundation helps slum girls and women to become selfsufficient by providing them with vocational training and job opportunities, as well as promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Advocacy and Awareness

The foundation advocates for girls' and women's rights, and works to raise awareness about the challenges facing slum girls and women in Jaipur.