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"Nalini Shiksha Sahayata Scheme"

Education is the cornerstone of development for any society or country. Individual development leads to family development. In this way, the development of the family contributes to the development of society, and the development of society contributes to the development of the region and the country. Providing educational opportunities to every individual is not only the responsibility of the government but also crucial for the role of society. Many times, talent is hindered by financial constraints, which hampers expected growth. To provide suitable opportunities to such talents, the Nalini Foundation has decided to implement the Nalini Education Sahayata Scheme, which aims to provide talented students with an opportunity to progress. Under this scheme, sahayata will be provided to deserving students based on the following criteria:

  • 1. Purpose of acquiring education.
  • 2. Future plans.
  • 3. Details of parents' employment and their income.
  • 4. Educational pursuits of siblings.
  • 5. Any other sahayata received from other organizations.
  • 6. Examination results after the 7th grade.
  • 7. Examination results after receiving the sahayata.
  • 8. Are the parents' annual income less than 3,00,000?.
  • 9. Students who score more than 90 percent in the previous examination will be eligible for the sahayata..
  • 10. Students will have to bear the expenses of tuition fees and book copies themselves, as the sahayata will only cover these expenses.
  • 11. The selection of the sahayata recipients will be made by a committee formed by the foundation. Their decision will be final.